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We accept a variety of donations throughout the year.

Adult/Senior Needs:

Clothing: we are seeking donations for Riverside Rest Homes Fall Clothing Market. We are interested in lightly used fall and winter clothing and accessories … thank you .

Self- Care Supplies: Nail polish, make-up, lightly scented body wash and lotion, hair accessories, hair brushes & combs, hair spray and gel.

Agency Needs:

Craft Supplies: acrylic paints, markers, adult coloring books, paint brushes, fabric,

Resident support items: gardening supplies, board games, greeting cards, ipods, ipads, tablets.


Thank you for thinking of us. Please contact : 

Maria Ayer,  Director of Volunteer and Public Relations 603-516-4170 mayer@co.strafford.nh.usare not accepting clothing donations until the spring… thank you